Hi, We are Zip Technologies LLC.

We are building the world’s first collaborative live looper, CloudLoop. CloudLoop connects musicians and producers across any distance.



This is Zip Technologies LLC, a boundary-pushing R&D lab based in Virginia Beach, VA. We are currently in stealth mode developing a new way to create music over the internet.

While we are working full-time on our newest project, we are available for short-term engagements in the following fields:


  • Full stack application development
  • Lightweight web development
  • Cloud architecture consulting
  • Security analysis & research

Specialized Expertise

  • Cloud Infrastructure and system automation
  • Audio/music technology
  • Developer productivity tools
  • System observability and logging
  • Performance optimization
  • Mobile application development
  • Encryption and access control solutions



Contact us through our social media links above, or Email us!

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